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:How many types of Equipment in Bleach Online?
  A:There are six types, Weapon, Headband, Armor, Cloak, Shoe, Belt.

  Q:What is the grade of the character equipment?
  A:The grade of equipment or partner tool can be divided in to White, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold and Red.

Q:How do I wear equipment?
A: Click “Partners” at the bottom of the main interface to enter the Partners interface. On the left side of this interface, you can choose a partner first, and then select the equipment for the partner from the equipment pane on the right side of the interface.

Q: How do I forge equipment?
A: You can forge equipment at the Blacksmith in Blue Stream Gate, if you have collected enough materials. The formula for top-level equipment will unlock when your main character reaches a certain level. And you don’t need to learn it.

Q: What is the use of fortifying equipment?
A: Hello there. Fortify equipment can 100% increase the main attribute of the equipment. If you fortify equipment within a specific time, you may get double effects or discount offers.

Q: Why can’t I fortify equipment?
A: Hello there. Maybe you have reached the level cap of equipment, which is equal to your main character’s level. You can level up your main character to raise the level cap of equipment.

Q: How many partners can I have at most? And how to recall the dismissed partners?
A: Hello there. You can upgrade your main character’s partner rank to increase the number of your partners. You can have 10 partners at most and set 5 partners on battle. Dismissed partner can be recalled in the Tavern.

Q: How can I obtain high-rank ninjas?
A: Hello there. You can recruit ninjas by using Soul Reishi. Win the Janken game in the tavern to get Soul Reishi.

Q: When can I create guild, do I need to do something?
A: Hello there. Lv.19 players can create guild, and there is no other requirements.

Q: How do I switch the main character’s skill?
A: Hello there. Click “Soul Map” and enter the Soul Map interface, you can switch main character’s skill freely in the Soul Skills page.

Q: How can I acquire the main character skill?
A: Click “Soul Map” and enter the Soul Map Scroll where you can unlock the Soul with Soul Points to acquire the main character skill.

Q: How can I get Soul points?
A: Clear the stage for the first time you will get Soul points as reward. The wage for the High-rank Partners may include soul points. Attend the events such as Evil Spirit and Ryoka Attack you may get soul points as reward as well.

Q: How do I hide other players in game interface?
A: Hello there. On the top right corner of the screen, there is a Hide button, click it you can hide other players.

Q: How many times can I enter the instance?
A: Hello there. You are allowed to clear the instance once a day. If you are a VIP player, according to your VIP level, you may have multiple chances to reset the instance.

Q: How can I unlock the hard level instance?
A: Hello there. After you have cleared the common level instance, the hard level instance will unlock. You may get materials for high-rank equipment in the hard level instance.

Q: How can I boost the ninja level quickly?
A: Hello there. You can redeem the EXP Scroll with Soul Reishi in the tavern. The EXP Scroll can be used to level up the partner level.

Q: Where do the additional attributes that brought by the Reiatsu will take effect?
A: Hello there. The summoned beast will become effective in Arena, and events like Evil Spirit, Guild war and Rebel Ryoka Attack.

Q: Can I trade with other player?
A: Currently, we don’t have this function.

Q: How can I get Spirit Stones, and how to embed?
A: Hello there. You can get Spirit Stones by attending some of our events. And also you can purchase it directly from the shop. To embed Spirit Stones in other objects we will need to go to the Embedding NCP in Blue Stream Gate.

Q: When can I enter Arena?
A: Hello there. Arena will be available when you’re Lv.20 and complete the relevant task.

Q: When can I enter Tavern?
A:Hello there. Tavern will be available when you’re Lv.13 and complete the relevant task.

Q: When can I have Reiatsu?
A: Hello there. The Reiatsu system will be available when you’re Lv.9 and complete the relevant task.

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how can i do to have members in my guild?