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Thread: Shockwave and Flash discontinuing, what will this mean for game?

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    Exclamation Shockwave and Flash discontinuing, what will this mean for game?

    I can still get Shini Game to come up in Facebook Gameroom... when Gameroom is working, which it doesn't always. And until tonight, I had no trouble pulling up Shini Game in Firefox. Then Windows updated, and Firefox and Chrome updated... and no browser will load Shini Game past the frame. The Shockwave part, the actual game interface, doesn't even attempt to load. I found a clumsy "Flash browser" that I managed to make work on my Android tablet, a necessity if I were to ever travel or be in the hospital again and want to keep playing remotely, but I suppose I have gotten too dependent on being able to play routinely in Firefox.

    Inspecting the game interface element showed it to be a Shockwave Flash/swf file. Flash has been phasing out for a couple years already, and Shockwave end of life was announced in April. How is this going to affect Shini Game going forward? Will Shini Game eventually migrate to another interface? Will the game still be playable after Shockwave support ceases in October 2019? If they update Gameroom again, will Shini Game stop working even in there?

    I intend to keep looking for solutions since adjusting the Shockwave settings in the Firefox plugin page hasn't made the game load again yet.

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    please tell us your charactername and sever
    about flash discontinuing please notice our announcement

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    I looked for an announcement and found none. Could you please tell me where it is? It is not under Announcements here in the forum.

    My character is Hitsugaya S on S80.

    The Facebook disconnect is distressing. If I lose the current recognized login on Firefox, I will have zero access to the game. I was able to get in on my tablet with a Flash enabled browser I found in the Play Store, but that login no longer works, and I am utterly unable to log in directly from the page since my account was originally through Facebook.

    The ticket system does NOT work. I have never once gotten an email no matter how many tickets I submit, and yes I do put in a valid contact email. I have had the email for a very long time. If you need an alternate try

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    if you get logged out of playshini you can open the game through facebook and the account will be logged back in through playshini. at least thats how it works for me. im using firefox btw

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    Any news about what's going to happen to the game when Flash dies in December?

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    I can run the game in chrome and im using the latest build and update for windows 10 genuine licensed.

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    about flash discontinuing, cant do anything about that unless the game is fully re-written into html5. Flash discontinuing only means that they cannot do any changes in the game e.g, updates in events, characters, bug fixes and such.

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    ffs here we go again they just ignore everything

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