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Thread: ryoka attack

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    ryoka attack

    Hello gamers /devs/everyone else
    How is it possible on ryoka attack for a gamer to come on after and get more kills experience than my lvl122 inheritx2 vip6 piece of garbage fighters do tell ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?
    also when the fek do we get compensation for the monumental fek up of not been able to access our accounts this last month ???????????? ty in advance

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    its because you're too weak and hes stronger than you hence you get less kills than him. actually im not even sure if you can get any kills at that level. its been too long for me since i was at that level and if you cant finish your round you have to wait a minute before you can attack again.
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    well ty for the reply ogata your are wrong mate but ty for evan trying unlike the devs and mods =) i think you might be thinking im a low level cannon fodder dude but im level 122 so ive been able to kill everyone of them ryoka since level 70

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    VIP 6 @ level 122 should at least auto kill up to round 25 or 30 even if weak. but the higher the ryoka the more points he gets. so it really depends on when he joins and which round your on. Are you saying that even though all rounds you are still doing autokills and not losing fights, but other person still tops you? If so, I think it may be an issue. But if you're no longer able to kill and he can... it's probably because the later rounds are worh so many more points.

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    hi sapphire ty for your reply =) yes i am saying auto kills skip battle not loosing any fights i could go on for ever killing them only time stops me lol even the later rounds been more in points should not effect me as for example killed the 1 round on my own thats 500 points in front i should be 500 points in front tiil the end thats why it dont make sense to me

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    hmm, that's not exactly true. assuming there is only the 2 of you in ryoka. Each round has 5 mobs.
    Rnd1 - each mob worth 100
    Rnd2 - each worth 200... etc

    you do round 1 by yourself = 500 pts
    Other gamer joins in round 2
    you hit 2, he hits 3
    your total = 500+(2x200) 900
    his total = 3x200 = 600

    Already he is only 300 points behind you. rotating 2 and 3 kills per round, after a total of 8 rounds, he will be even with you
    Pts you him
    100 500 0
    200 400 600
    300 900 600
    400 800 1200
    500 1500 1000
    600 1200 1800
    700 2100 1400
    800 1600 2400
    Both of you have 9000 points...

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    oh, and if you keep using the same formula if the attack ends on an odd number, you get more points, even number he will have more points.

    Pts/rnd you your total him his total
    100 500 500 0 0
    200 400 900 600 600
    300 900 1800 600 1200
    400 800 2600 1200 2400
    500 1500 4100 1000 3400
    600 1200 5300 1800 5200
    700 2100 7400 1400 6600
    800 1600 9000 2400 9000
    900 2700 11700 1800 10800
    1000 2000 13700 3000 13800
    1100 3300 17000 2200 16000
    1200 2400 19400 3600 19600

    sorry grid doesn't past well but the general idea it's entirely possible for him to end up w/ more points.
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    This happens to me all the time. I start 3-4 rounds earlier than Alex and he catches up and passes me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mai View Post
    This happens to me all the time. I start 3-4 rounds earlier than Alex and he catches up and passes me.
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    why have i not received my 3rd place void prize ?????

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