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Thread: Anyone interested in swapping accounts?

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    Anyone interested in swapping accounts?

    I have 2 spare accounts in gogames that im willing to let go.

    1st account is VIP5 10m pve bp with stacked muken + kyoka and RJ zans
    2nd account is VIP10 11m pve bp with stacked senju + katen and RJ zans

    both account's passwords can be changed with emails. send me a message if you are interested.

    Also if you have high-end account here in shinigame i'm willing to swap my main account in gogames.

    stacked muken 8m bp
    stacked kokuto 7m bp
    haschwalt 4m+ bp
    gerard valkyrie 4m+ bp
    main 3m+ bp

    most basic upgrades all maxed out aside from refinery

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    My account in shinigame can also be traded for gogames.

    Server 97
    Tanaka Yuichi VIP5
    5.5M pvp bp with RJ zan
    35k exclusive frags
    170k bond frags
    8k inferno stones
    and many more
    you can view me just go to S97

    account is nearly 1 year old (1 year in october 9)

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    what you looking for?

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    estoy interesado

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    how to change email and password?

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